Back to School – Our adult learners bring new energy to campus

While the majority of SUNY Cobleskill students come to us either directly after high school or within a year or two of graduating, we have several others who decide at a later period in their lives to continue their education. In many cases, individuals who make this decision after having spent a number of years

Getting an Early Start – Ag-PTECH rewards exemplary High School students

Through agreements with a group of area school districts, SUNY Cobleskill is now participating in Ag-PTECH – a program that puts approximately 50 well-qualified, highly motivated high school students from those districts on an accelerated track to a college degree. Standing for “Agriculture Pathways in Technology Early College High School,” Ag-PTECH allows the students to

Student Veterans – Bringing a unique and worldly perspective

“Mature, hard-working, goal-oriented – our student veterans are a tremendous asset to SUNY Cobleskill,” says Matt LaLonde, Director of Student Conduct and Veteran Affairs. Himself a veteran of the U.S. Navy, Matt has worked at SUNY Cobleskill for 15 years and been in his current position since 2013. Currently there are some 75 veterans enrolled

Crossing Lines

Exposure to different disciplines creates new and broader perspectives “At SUNY Cobleskill, we pride ourselves on giving students real-world experiences as part of their education,” says Dr. Susan J. Zimmermann, Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs. “But part of being ready for the real world is having knowledge of subject areas that extend beyond the

Capital Ideas

Mr. Rater goes to Washington Between growing up on a small dairy farm in Western New York and working summers on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, recent SUNY Cobleskill Agricultural Business Management graduate Gabriel Rater has lifelong experience in coping with snow and cold. So when a blizzard prevented him from returning home from

Opening Doors to Graduate School

graduates on the march for commencement

For students receiving a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Cobleskill the question soon arises: What comes next? Should I step immediately into the job market or try to get into graduate school for further work in my field? Many may find their answer in the constantly growing number of graduate school agreements that SUNY Cobleskill has

Daily Contributions are Made in Our Labs

It’s difficult to imagine a higher compliment for a particular academic department than to have outside institutions actively recruit its graduates. “We get inquiries regularly from universities like Cornell, Northeastern and the University of Rhode Island,” says Peiyu Zeng, Director of SUNY Cobleskill’s Biotechnology Department and Professor of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. “Corporations want to

Getting a Head Start on Success

Our internships are spread far and wide Many of the academic programs at SUNY Cobleskill require students to undertake an internship with an employer in the field of work the student wishes to pursue. While fewer in number, there are also internship possibilities that are not required but that students take advantage of nonetheless in

The Shock of the New

For one “rookie” professor, it’s been perfectly painless It’s never easy, in any job, to feel like “the new kid on the block.” Adam Tegnander knows that feeling well – but it didn’t last for long. “I had just spent nine years in the private sector and joined the faculty at SUNY Cobleskill having never