One Community

Making this a Place for Everyone In November of 2017, SUNY Cobleskill named Scott Ferguson its new Chief Diversity Officer. Having worked at – and, in a number of cases, owned – several different enterprises, he’s gained many significant insights into the dynamics of human interaction. “Until recently, I was in the computer business in

Coby Quest – Helping to Create Leaders for Life

“Some of the students here are natural-born leaders,” observes Donna Pesta, Director of SUNY Cobleskill’s Center for Career Development, “but there are others who we sense have the potential to develop into leaders if they’re just given the right guidance, practice and support. Providing those things is what Coby Quest is designed to do.” Launched

Cultivating Sustainability – Success Starts at Home

It was about five years ago that a number of SUNY Cobleskill’s faculty members had a big idea: namely, that the College needed to make a concerted, officially sanctioned effort to ensure the campus was practicing environmental sustainability. Soon, a Sustainability Advisory Board composed of faculty, staff and students was established, and the work began.

Daily Contributions are Made in Our Labs

It’s difficult to imagine a higher compliment for a particular academic department than to have outside institutions actively recruit its graduates. “We get inquiries regularly from universities like Cornell, Northeastern and the University of Rhode Island,” says Peiyu Zeng, Director of SUNY Cobleskill’s Biotechnology Department and Professor of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. “Corporations want to

Hands On, Feet Wet

Much of what fisheries, wildlife and aquaculture students do at SUNY Cobleskill revolves around the College’s expansive 40,000-gallon cold water fish hatchery tank – among the largest in the northeast – as well as our tropical fish hatchery and warm-water fish and shell fish hatchery. These facilities and our several research ponds are testament to

The Shock of the New

For one “rookie” professor, it’s been perfectly painless It’s never easy, in any job, to feel like “the new kid on the block.” Adam Tegnander knows that feeling well – but it didn’t last for long. “I had just spent nine years in the private sector and joined the faculty at SUNY Cobleskill having never