A Most Rewarding Thing to Do

At SUNY Cobleskill, we have much to be thankful for: our beautiful setting, our dedicated faculty and staff, our first-rate academics, and a student body with a history of remarkable achievements. We are grateful as well to all those – quite likely including you – who have given so much to our College through the

Institute for Rural Vitality – Look Around, the Opportunities are Everywhere

Founded by SUNY Cobleskill president Marion Terenzio in March of 2017 as a presidential initiative, the Institute for Rural Vitality’s mission is straightforward: to apply the College’s many resources to collaborations with people, organizations and businesses located throughout our region. From that simple charge has grown a constantly lengthening list of significant projects and activities.

One Community

Making this a Place for Everyone In November of 2017, SUNY Cobleskill named Scott Ferguson its new Chief Diversity Officer. Having worked at – and, in a number of cases, owned – several different enterprises, he’s gained many significant insights into the dynamics of human interaction. “Until recently, I was in the computer business in