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Changes are Coming

Three new facilities will offer unique learning opportunities – and more

While most of the SUNY Cobleskill community is away for the summer, there is a lot of construction activity on campus. By the time classes begin in the fall, three new facilities will be up and running, each of them dedicated to both hands-on teaching and the creation and marketing of real-world products.

First is the Dairy Processing Center, a 2,300-square-foot facility located next to the Dairy Barns. The Center will do dairy processing of milk from our local herds, as well as process ice cream, cheese and yogurt. Some of the products produced there will make their way into the cafeteria, with much of the rest being sold at retail both to people on campus and in the local community.

From top left, clockwise: The Carriage House Café & General Store approaching completion; the Dairy Processing Center during construction; the new Beef Barn; interior of the new Carriage House Café and General Store.

Then there is the Carriage House Café & General Store. This treasured SUNY Cobleskill landmark will be given new life and purpose as a retail facility for food grown, raised or produced on campus as well as by farmers in our area. The doors are scheduled to open in August.

Finally, our new Fermentation Lab will be coming online in that same timeframe. Located in Wheeler Hall, the lab will expand students’ opportunities for hands-on experience with some of the processes used in industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, craft brewing, and the production of bread, cheese, yogurt and wine. This work figures prominently in two different bachelor’s degree programs: Fermentation Science (B.S.) and Applied Fermentation (B.T.).

Feature photo of the Carriage House Café and General Store approaching completion with facilities staff in front: Allan Quinn, Facilities Planning Coordinator, Joseph Batchelder, Director of Facilities Management, and Mike Murphy Construction Manager. Taken by Mohamed Baligh, ’12, Communications & Marketing New Media Specialist

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One thought on “Changes are Coming

  1. While I appreciate the new “paperless” format” and find the articles most interesting I would love if you would include the old “Where are they?” informations. Giving past students year of graduation and a brief “Bio”. I loved hearing about former classmates. It was a good way to keep in touch. Maybe include E-mail addresses.

    Leslie McIntyre class of ’65.

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