Coby Quest – Helping to Create Leaders for Life

“Some of the students here are natural-born leaders,” observes Donna Pesta, Director of SUNY Cobleskill’s Center for Career Development, “but there are others who we sense have the potential to develop into leaders if they’re just given the right guidance, practice and support. Providing those things is what Coby Quest is designed to do.”

Launched by the Office of Student Development in the Summer of 2017, Coby Quest invites interested first- and second-year students to take part in projects whose net effect is to build their confidence to a level that will prime them for success after leaving college.

The program uses a system of badges to mark each person’s progress as the months go by. The four areas to which those badges apply are Leadership Development, Civic Engagement, Career Readiness, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. No matter what type of work the Coby Quest students are doing, the object is to have them organize themselves into small peer groups, then focus their collective energy toward reaching specific goals,” Donna says. “As the projects get more complex or demanding over time, they find they’re acting more and more confidently – and more and more like leaders.”

Feature photo of Donna Pesta, Director of the Center for Career Development, taken by Mohamed Baligh ’12, Communications & Marketing New Media Specialist

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