Designing the Future

Designing the Future

When SUNY Cobleskill opened its modest doors in 1916, few could imagine the diverse and complex campus that would grow from its humble roots.  Yet the aspirations, values, and qualities that guided the College’s founders still inspire us today.  SUNY Cobleskill remains true to its origins and is still thriving. Our forward-thinking nature has now created a multi-faceted institution.

As true today as it was 100 years ago, our students stand at the forefront of innovation. Interdisciplinary collaborations pair agricultural business with the performing arts, and some of our region’s youngest citizens with some of our most senior. From Antarctica to Peru, SUNY Cobleskill is designing a future of global influence while providing life-changing educational experiences for our students.

Designing the Future

In providing foundations for tomorrow’s innovators, the role of our institution is more apparent than ever before: SUNY Cobleskill is at the epicenter of forward thinking. For our students and our graduates, college is at the core of what comes next. What the world imagines, we conceptualize, build, and instill. Stylistically and theoretically across disciplines, the education we provide is more than preparation for the imminent. It is a means to designing the future.

In the Spotlight

The Future – Designed

Just My Type

The Year of Arts and Culture

Designing the Future: Early Childhood and Applied Psychology

Members of the Early Childhood Program faculty at SUNY Cobleskill have launched the first intergenerational support day program in Schoharie County, and pioneered a curriculum in infant and early childhood mental health. In Applied Psychology, ongoing collaboration is shaping a future of shared engagement.

Generations Together, Rural-Influence, Characterize Early Childhood Education

Infant Mental Health Curriculum Provides Foundational, Expanding Knowledge

An Unexpected Collaboration

Designing the Future: Communications

Communication and innovation intersect at SUNY Cobleskill. In striving to find the next great way to share information, members of our community are writing, editing, and broadcasting their way into a future of new ideas.

Finding Their Voices

Michael Gorman, Class of ’84, Recounts Fond Memories

Navigating the Industry

Mastering the Written Word

Designing the Future: Agriculture and Technology

Our rich and storied foundation in agriculture and technology guides us forward, pushing us to push the envelope.

Beyond the Farm

Back for More

A Foundation Upon Which to Grow

students at NAMA conference

No Stage Fright for N.A.M.A.

Designing the Future: Business and Information Technology

With great change comes great opportunity. It is why we are introducing our new Bachelor of Technology Degree Program in Cybersecurity. In our digital-first world, members of the business and IT community are pushing the limits of possibility. The paths our students travel vary. The education we deliver sets them on their way.

New Program Alert: SUNY Cobleskill to Add Cybersecurity Degree Program

Ranging Ambitions in Business and Information Technology

Taking Care of Business

cut out of noah pines head

A Little Bit of Everything

Planning and Pitching

Designing the Future: Fisheries, Wildlife, and Environmental Science

A SUNY Cobleskill education instills core values that stem from a fundamental belief in the power of leaving the world a better place than we find it. Conservation, restoration, sustainability, and renewal are among those core values. In the environmental sciences, ongoing projects support our planet and its citizens. On land and sea, close to home and far away, we reach our potential in support of a brighter future.


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Generating a Buzz

Education as a Foundation

The Zoo You Never Knew

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Lifelong Friendships and Unbreakable Bonds

Give Today: IRA Charitable Rollovers

Honoring Outstanding Alumni

Campus News

The Great Eight: SUNY, Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson, Name 2019 Award Winners

2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Class Spans Six Decades of Greatness

One Coby, One Campus: Fall Open House Registration is now Open

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