Planning and Pitching

For Shannon Perrone and Josh Burdick, members of the Class of ’19, the motivation to compete against peers is the true test of their business educations. The duo participated in this year’s New York Business Plan Competition – Mohawk Valley Region, pitching their original business plan for a historic renovation consulting service. Perrone, a self-described

A Little Bit of Everything

cut out of noah pines head

Noah Pine ‘19 was one of six students in his high school graduating class. When it came time to choose a college, Pine says a low faculty-to-student ratio was of the utmost importance. Fast forward three years and, as of this spring, Pine is a SUNY Cobleskill alumnus, earning his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with

Taking Care of Business

Jazmina Syed Does it All We may not realize how underprepared we are to participate in something until it becomes a requirement. It is difficult to imagine SUNY Cobleskill student Jazmina Syed being unprepared for much. She is a member of the College’s Honors Program, president of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and a member

Ranging Ambitions in Business and Information Technology

SUNY Cobleskill’s Business and Information Technology students often find themselves in classes with those whose post-college plans have little in common with their own. Aspiring accountants, marketers, software designers, medical professionals, and scientists are among those earning Business and IT degrees. According to Dr. Katrina Pearl, assistant professor and chair of the Business and IT

New Program Alert: SUNY Cobleskill to Add Cybersecurity Degree Program

In a time in which all SUNY Cobleskill programs are evolving, a new degree program, the Bachelor’s of Technology in Cybersecurity, is designed explicitly to meet the needs of future cyber professionals in a bustling industry. The program, set to debut at SUNY Cobleskill in 2020, will address an area of major growth in the