The Year of Arts and Culture

The 2019-20 Academic Year officially commenced in August. Numerous arts and culture-themed initiatives already underway, and set to kick off, are giving the year a distinct flavor. In collaboration with Aunt Karen’s Farm, an artist incubator residency site in Cooperstown, SUNY Cobleskill has introduced an improv course in the fall semester. The course is available

Just My Type

Walking among graphic design senior projects, amidst rousing color schemes and wonderfully-chaotic imagery, it is, in theory, easy to overlook the influence of typography. Professor Margrethe Lauber prevents that theory from being reality. “Typography is the most important class in our curriculum,” says Lauber, “and we all agree. It is our currency, cultural literacy, and

The Future – Designed

The Graphic Design Senior Show is an annual showcase featuring the work of SUNY Cobleskill students who have completed the Graphic Design Technology Program’s Senior Seminar. Given the attention to detail these students pay to every aspect of every design, it is metaphoric that every square inch of Grosvenor Art Gallery is occupied at the