Mastering the Written Word

The Communication in Technology Program at SUNY Cobleskill exposes students to a range of topics. It is something that goes hand-in-hand with an education built around transferable skills, says Heather Knott ’16.

Currently living in the Boston area, Knott is pursuing a master’s degree in Liberal Arts at Harvard University Extension School, with a concentration in literature. It is a point at which you do not arrive, says Knott, without a love of reading, writing, and thinking – often out loud. Still, it has been a journey.

“When I started at Coby, I was a timid 16-year-old who couldn’t even raise her hand,” recalls Knott. “When I graduated, I gave a speech in front of hundreds of people.”

Communications is a massive field that spans a little bit of everything; those who study it at SUNY Cobleskill learn by doing, and, as a result of the diversity and breadth of their education, face nonrestrictive avenues for employment. It is easy to simultaneously view the open-endedness as a blessing and a frustration.

Given her concentration in literature, Knott often takes side jobs within the industry. “I can honestly say that the experience I gained in Cobleskill is what qualified me. “The hands-on approach helps, as far as sampling different potential industries. It really nets the breadth of the field, which is tricky to define. As a communications student, it’s important to explore and focus your interests.”

Feature photo: Heather Knott (right) is pursuing her master’s degree at Harvard University Extension School.

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