Spring Vegetable Seedling Tips with Greenhouse Manager Heather Anthony

Within SUNY Cobleskill’s community of forward thinkers, Heather Anthony is always thinking ahead. While winter can be unpredictable and seem unending, from the controlled environment of SUNY Cobleskill’s greenhouses Anthony has perfected the practice of preparing seedlings for springtime growth. Microgreens are plants indoor growers can raise, harvest, and eat in a month or less. These plants give the

Chef Michael Lapi’s Toothsome and Tender Potato Gnocchi

Chef Instructor Mike Lapi

For many, winter connotes cozy fires and picturesque, snow-covered hills. For Chef Instructor Michael Lapi, winter’s arrival and transition into spring is all about potatoes. One of Chef Lapi’s go-to recipes for Russets is potato gnocchi. Growers produce potatoes in abundance each winter, and while some prefer Yukon Golds, Chef Lapi makes one thing clear:

Three Dishes, One Late-Winter Meal from Chef Stephen Kerzner

Stever Kerzner and culinary student stirring pots at the stove.

With the variety of ingredients available through “Schoharie Fresh” Online Farmers’ Market, and at the Carriage House Café and General Store, you do not need to be a professional chef to create a meal every night of the week, in every season of the year. If you happen to be a chef, and an instructor

Meet Vice President for Development John Zacharek

John Zacharek

Vice President for Development John Zacharek arrived at SUNY Cobleskill in the fall of 2018, just in time for the Homecoming and Family Weekend, and Culinary Extravaganza Fundraiser. Both are signature events on campus, offering opportunities for alumni and the community-at-large to witness firsthand the growth, enthusiasm, and academic excellence at SUNY Cobleskill.   “It

Coby Community Lends Helping Hands

Group of faculty and staff volunteers

As participants of the hot meal service program “Saturday’s Bread,” in Oneonta, SUNY Cobleskill student-volunteers serve meals twice per semester to community members in need. However, there was something different about 2018’s mid-December meal service, says Matthew Barney, SUNY Cobleskill’s Coordinator of Community Engagement. “The December service was the first one we’ve done with only

Thinking Like a Consumer

Dr. Sophie Ano

Growing up in France, Dr. Sophie Ano’s (formerly Dr. Winter) earliest experiences with food systems differ drastically from the ones she researches in the U.S. Characterized by outdoor markets, and acclaimed for its artisanal products, French food culture resembles a system of trade many Americans only experience at farmers’ markets. “The culture is very much

Designing a Product You Simply Cannot Pass Up

Adam Daily

The idea is simple: bring in a chocolate bar – any chocolate bar – and toss the wrapper. At the end of the semester, rewrap the bar in new packaging, featuring a label of your design. This is a project that students face in Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Adam Daily’s digital prepress production class.

Two Leading Crops, One Biotechnology Program Leading the Way

Changing the World One Cultivar at a Time Inside SUNY Cobleskill’s biotech laboratory, Drs. Peiyu Zeng and Lynda McMaster-Schuyler are advancing the narrative of one of the world’s most widespread crops. In creating cultivars of disease-resistant soybeans, the pair is on its way to developing a variety of plant capable of tolerating drought, infestation, and other biological and environmental influencers.  The project is titled “Development of Stress-Tolerant Soybeans through

The Evolution of Composting at SUNY Cobleskill

It would be easy to take composting for granted at SUNY Cobleskill. With a farm, greenhouses, and animal barns on campus, the College regularly composts. Prior to the 2015-2016 academic year however, the College lacked a definitive plan; while individual members of the College community were composting, some campus facilities, including dining halls, remained without

Nutrition Across Generations in the Early Childhood Program

a college student and preschoolers sit around a classroom table for a snack

In an age of grab-and-go convenience, a SUNY Cobleskill program is keeping family-style mealtime front and center. With help from the preschoolers themselves, who help set the table and serve snacks, the Effie Bennett-Powe Childhood Development Center’s preschool program holds a family meal every day. “[Family mealtime] is actually part of the curriculum,” explains Dr.