Kathleen King ‘79 Recalls her SUNY Cobleskill Start, Tate’s Bake Shop Acclaim

Kathleen King

You probably know the cookies to look at them – and almost certainly to taste them. The award-winning, multimillion-dollar chocolate chip cookie that Tate’s Bake Shop has perfected is the creation of Kathleen King, who founded Tate’s in 2000 before selling the business in 2018. With cookies available in supermarkets nationwide, and praise from the

Designing a Product You Simply Cannot Pass Up

Adam Daily

The idea is simple: bring in a chocolate bar – any chocolate bar – and toss the wrapper. At the end of the semester, rewrap the bar in new packaging, featuring a label of your design. This is a project that students face in Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Adam Daily’s digital prepress production class.

Two Leading Crops, One Biotechnology Program Leading the Way

Changing the World One Cultivar at a Time Inside SUNY Cobleskill’s biotech laboratory, Drs. Peiyu Zeng and Lynda McMaster-Schuyler are advancing the narrative of one of the world’s most widespread crops. In creating cultivars of disease-resistant soybeans, the pair is on its way to developing a variety of plant capable of tolerating drought, infestation, and other biological and environmental influencers.  The project is titled “Development of Stress-Tolerant Soybeans through

Nutrition Across Generations in the Early Childhood Program

a college student and preschoolers sit around a classroom table for a snack

In an age of grab-and-go convenience, a SUNY Cobleskill program is keeping family-style mealtime front and center. With help from the preschoolers themselves, who help set the table and serve snacks, the Effie Bennett-Powe Childhood Development Center’s preschool program holds a family meal every day. “[Family mealtime] is actually part of the curriculum,” explains Dr.

The Road to Sustainable Agriculture

Dr. Grace Armah shows Chancellor Johnson plants in the campus greenhouse.

Students in SUNY Cobleskill’s Sustainable Crop Production Program play a fundamental and continuously-advancing role in the food system: taking thousands of years of agriculture and implementing sustainable practices. In learning to do so, their education combines soil and plant sciences, chemistry, biology, and the social sciences. In the Sustainable Crop Production Program, the only of

Cooking and Cruising with Spencer Schmerzler ‘13

Spencer Schmerzler in America's Test Kitchen

Spencer Schmerzler graduated from SUNY Cobleskill in 2013. In five and a half years, he has cruised the world – getting paid to do so. As a host of America’s Test Kitchen, aboard Holland America Line cruises, Schmerzler’s work has taken him from Croatia to the Caribbean. All the while he maintains his SUNY Cobleskill

On the Banks of the Podunk River, a Popcorn Prodigy

Dan Dzen

There may be other popcorn growers and processors in New England, though you will be hard-pressed to find a more philosophical one than Dan Dzen, SUNY Cobleskill class of 2017. The founder of Podunk Popcorn, Dzen operates his company in South Windsor, Connecticut, along the banks of the Podunk River. Beyond acquiring the technical skills

Maple Mindset Sustains AJ Fletcher’s Growing Business

AJ Fletcher

AJ Fletcher is unique among the first wave of food makers, creators, and producers offering homemade products at the Carriage House Café and General Store. As a current SUNY Cobleskill student, AJ runs his business, Fletcher Hill Syrup and Forest Products, while balancing his Agricultural Business studies. It is fair to say his schedule is jam-packed. “Syrup-packed” may

Finding Recipes for Success

Heather and Jon Franklin arrived in Schoharie County from New York City with a goal: to create the world’s first Manchego cheese made exclusively from goat’s milk. With the goats in place, the dream took the form of a hobby. After several years raising and milking goats, the duo decided to commercialize. In 2011, the