Dairy Judging Team members and coach at the 2018 World Dairy Expo

Dairy Judging Dominance Starts with Education

Few colleges boast the same dairy judging success experienced at SUNY Cobleskill. In 2017, SUNY Cobleskill won first place in the International Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest’s team competition, giving the College its eighth victory in the contest’s history.

At 2018’s competition, in Madison, Wisconsin, SUNY Cobleskill took home its second championship in as many years. Team member Lydia Williams also won the individual competition, marking the second consecutive year a SUNY Cobleskill student took home the individual award. It was also the first time SUNY Cobleskill repeated as overall team or individual champions. With nine victories, SUNY Cobleskill is tied for most all-time in the International Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest.

The education of SUNY Cobleskill dairy judging students raises them to the top of the field. In programs such as Agricultural Business Management, Animal Industry, and Animal Science, field training is part of the core education. Dairy Judging Team Coach Carrie Edsall, an instructor in SUNY Cobleskill Animal Science programs, helps instill a culture of teaching and learning and lays a foundation for future team members to work with highly-successful educators and budding professionals.

This past summer, SUNY Cobleskill earned its highest dairy judging achievement to date. A team comprised of students enrolled in Animal Science and other agriculture programs won first and second place at the 178th Royal Highland Show held in Scotland. Coach Edsall led the team in the competition which consisted of more than 2,100 individual competitors.

Feature photo: The 2018 champions, from left: Coach Carrie Edsall, Lydia Williams, Shannon Sears, Toni Jacques, and Rachel Hall.