a professor and two animal science students check over a dairy cow with a stethoscope

Whichever Path you Follow, SUNY Cobleskill is where to Begin

For many, the path into SUNY Cobleskill begins before undergraduate study. The College in High School Program (CIHS) creates opportunities for high school learners to access SUNY Cobleskill programs, in more than 30 subjects including marketing, financial accounting, and foreign languages. Each creates a possibility for students to transition into higher education programs.

Additionally, SUNY Cobleskill continues to foster an educational partnership with Ag PTECH, creating avenues for students to earn associate’s degrees in agricultural and technological majors. The partnership is burgeoning, providing students the hands-on, technical prowess necessary to successfully move into the workforce.

Undergraduate degree programs in the School of Business and Liberal Arts and Sciences also forge pathways for success – in food systems and beyond – qualifying students to continue their educations at the graduate level. Biotechnology graduate agreements are in place at seven colleges and universities, and agreements for SUNY Cobleskill students to transition into law, medical, and business schools each open doors to employment in agriculture, nutrition, and food policy. Additionally, SUNY Cobleskill has two graduate school agreements in designated food systems and technology programs. In all, more than 60 graduate school agreements in disciplines ranging from animal science to law establish pathways for SUNY Cobleskill students to embark on careers in food systems.

The College’s John Deere Agricultural Technology Program incorporates an internship at a John Deere dealership into student-learning. The program also introduces students to the sophisticated, high-tech systems that are innovating current agriculture. The internship, coupled with classroom and lab experience that includes instruction on AMS precision farming technology and computer diagnostics, prepares students for careers as John Deere service technicians.

As SUNY Cobleskill’s educational partnerships evolve, students continue to have opportunities to advance their educations. The College is exploring international opportunities in all levels of study, which will broaden the scope of the College and its programs.